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August 21, 2006


 ARTICLE                             TITLE                                   

ARTICLE I            Name
ARTICLE II         
ARTICLE III         Members
ARTICLE IV         Officers, Directors, and Chairpersons
ARTICLE V          Committees
ARTICLE VI         Parliamentary Authority
ARTICLE VII       Meetings
                                        -  Section 4:  Awarding Points
                                        -  Section 7:  Tournament Rules
ARTICLE IX         Teams of the Year
ARTICLE X          Year End Awards
ARTICLE XI         Guests
ARTICLE XII       Sponsorships
ARTICLE XIII      Treasury
ARTICLE XIV      Membership Termination
ARTICLE XV       Amendment of Bylaws




The name of this Club shall be Florida Lure Anglers, Incorporated (the Club).


The object of this Club shall be to stimulate public awareness of inshore saltwater fishing through artificial lures and products as a major sport; to offer the state wildlife and conservation department(s) our organized moral support and encouragement; to improve our skills as inshore saltwater anglers through a fellowship of friendly exchange of fish catching techniques; to promote a sport in which the entire family can participate; to abide by all federal and state laws governing saltwater angling and boating; to practice and improve proficiency in catch and release; to be involved with the community to promote public awareness of the Club, and it’s sponsors.  Back To Top


    Section 1.  Membership Eligibility and Admission Procedure.  Any person who is at least 18 years of age shall be eligible for membership, if such person shall be proposed by one member and seconded by another member of the Club.  An application for membership, signed by the sponsor, shall be sent to the Membership Chairman, who shall report it, together with the name of the sponsor, at the regular meeting of the Club.  Voting upon the admission shall take place at the regular meeting, with the proposed new member in attendance.  A two-thirds vote shall elect new membership.  A person so elected shall be declared a member of the Club upon payment of the membership dues for the first year.  A member shall be considered in good standing upon the full payment of the current year club dues.  A member is considered active until he, she resigns, or the Club terminates his or her membership.

    Section 2.  Family Membership.  The family of a member has all rights and privileges of membership as the primary member.  For the purpose of this article, family is defined as the primary member’s spouse or significant other, and the primary member’s or significant others dependent children under the age of 18.  However, any dependent member that is a full-time student at an accredited secondary school, college, or university will remain as a dependent member until attaining the age of 23.

    Section 3.  Membership Dues.   Annual membership runs from September 1st to August 31st of each year.  The annual dues shall be $125, payable in advance on or before September 1st.  Members will be considered not in good standing until such time all dues are paid to date.  Members who have not paid their dues in full by August 1 will be ineligible to attend the year-end banquet and membership will be terminated.  New membership dues will be pro-rated on a quarterly basis to the end of the membership year.  Membership dues are non-refundable, regardless of reason.

     Section 4.  Honorary Membership.  A member who attains the age of 65 years and has been an active member in good standing for at least five consecutive years will be granted an honorary membership.  Honorary members are exempt from paying the annual membership dues, however they will be required to pay an annual $50 tournament angler fee.  Additionally, any person, or any representative of an organization that has assisted the Club in a particular manner, may, upon a majority vote of approval of the Board of Directors, be awarded a certificate of appreciation.  This certificate entitles the person to receive the monthly Club newsletter and to attend all club functionsThis certificate must be renewed annually to remain valid.  Back To Top

Officers, Directors, and Chairpersons

    Section 1.  Officers, Board of Directors and Duties.  The officers of the Club shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and nine Directors (the Board).  These officers shall perform the duties prescribed by these bylaws and by the parliamentary authority adopted by the Club.

    Section 2.  Chairpersons.  Chairpersons of the Club shall consist of a Tournament Chairman and a Membership Chairman.  The chairpersons shall perform the duties prescribed by these bylaws and the parliamentary authority adopted by the Club.

    Section 3.  Nomination Procedure.  At the regular meeting held in June, the President will solicit nominations for each office for the upcoming year.  Nominations can only be made by members in attendance at the June meeting.  Only nominations made during this meeting will be considered for election.

    Section 4.  Elections.  Elections shall be held during the regular July meeting.  The President shall preside over the election.  The election shall consist of each member having one vote to cast for each office.  Votes shall be cast by secret ballot.  Votes for each office will be held separately in the following order:

Vice President
Directors (9)
Tournament Chairman
Membership Chairman

    Section 5.  Eligibility for Holding Office.  All Officers, Board of Directors, and Chairperson nominees must have been a member in good standing for at least 12 months prior to taking office.  Nominees must have demonstrated excellent leadership qualities, and have been an active participant in club functions and activities.

    Section 6.  Ballot Election and Term of Office.  All Officers, Directors, and Chairpersons stated in Section 4 shall be elected by ballot. All Officers, Directors  and Chairpersons stated in Section 4 shall serve for one year or until their successors are elected. All terms of office shall begin at the  August meeting.  Officers, Directors and Chairpersons may serve succeeding terms, with no limit, so as long as they fulfill the other said requirements.

    Section 7.  Removal of Officers, Board Members, and Chairpersons.  Any Officer, Board Member, or Chairperson may be removed from office for just cause.  Just cause must be presented in writing to the Board of Directors at a Board meeting as soon as feasible.  Thirty days written notice detailing the just cause must be provided to the general membership.  A majority vote of members present at the general meeting following the 30-day notice shall be required for approval of the action.  The removal from office will be effective as soon as the results of the vote are recognized.

    Section 8.  Vacancies and Appointments.  In the event that an office becomes vacant, nominations will be solicited by the President to fill that office.  An election will be held to fill the vacant office for the remainder of the term.  The President has the authority to appoint a member to that office at the next general meeting, pending a two-thirds vote of approval of the members present.  All candidates/appointees must meet all eligibility requirements for holding office.  In the event that the office of the President becomes vacated for any reason, the Vice President shall immediately assume the duties of the office and act as President for the remainder of the term. Back To Top

    Section 9.  Duties and Responsibilities of Officers, Directors, and Chairpersons       

President - The President is an elected official.  Duties include:

·                     Presides over all club meetings and sets the time and place for Board meetings.

·                     Oversees, coordinates, and directs all club activities.

·                     Maintains and enforces high standards of conduct and ethics for the benefit of the membership and to uphold a positive image of the Club.

·                     Serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors. 

·                     He or she shall have one vote to cast during Board meetings only in the event of a tie. Presides over annual elections and installation of Officers, Directors, and Chairpersons.

·                     Responsible for the performance of all Officers, Directors, and Chairpersons.

·                     Shall initiate the actions to replace any Officer, Director, or Chairman not performing the duties of their office or position in the best interest of the Club and the general membership.

·                     Responsible for ensuring the Club membership is kept informed of pertinent information.

·                     Responsible for coordinating all activities in a manner that promotes fun, fellowship, and safety for all members.

·                     Assists the tournament chairman (as needed) at tournaments.

·                     Actively solicits for prizes, donations, and sponsors for the Club.

·                     Appoints committee chairperson(s) to special projects/events as required.

·                     Reviews and approves all official press releases, publications, and official publicity efforts that represent the Club.

 Vice President - The Vice-President is an elected official.  Duties include:

·                     Presides over meetings in the absence of the President.

·                     Assists the President in all Club matters.

·                     He or she shall have one vote to cast during board meetings.

·                     Assists the Tournament Chairman (as necessary) with measurements and weigh-in at all Club tournaments.

·                     Actively solicits prizes, donations, and sponsors for the Club.

Secretary - The Secretary is an elected official.  Duties include:

·                     Records general meeting and Executive Board meeting minutes.

·                     Maintains a list of members (including telephone numbers and addresses).

·                     Assists other Club Officers in Club matters.

·                     Serves as the repository of all club records for historical purposes.

·                     Prepares official Club correspondence as directed by the President.

 Treasurer - The Treasurer is an elected official.  Duties include:

·                     Establishes and administers the Club financial budgets, books, and reports.

·                     In concert effort with the Officers and Board of Directors, manages the fiscal soundness of the Club.

·                     Receives and disburses all club funds.

·                     Maintains a current list of members and their dues payment status.

·                     Maintains a list of membership applications.

·                     Prepares a monthly financial statement to be presented to the general membership at each monthly meeting.

 Board of Directors - The Directors are elected officials that exist to represent the best interest of the Club and the general membership.  There shall be nine (9) directors and together they shall comprise the Board of Directors.  The President shall be the Chairman of the Board of Directors, unless he so appoints another to act on his behalf. 

Duties of the Board include:

·                     Receive and investigate those issues, disputes, and grievances brought before the Board within 30 days of receiving such notice.

·                     Act as an administrative fact-finding body and/or disciplinary committee as necessary. 

·                     Present findings and make disposition recommendations to the general membership.

·                     Monitor local, state, and federal laws.  Recommend changes to the bylaws to ensure the Club remains within full compliance of said laws.

·                     Create bylaws and subsequent bylaw ratification’s for approval by the general membership.

·                     He or she shall have one vote to cast during Board meetings

·                     Act in the best interest of the Club while respecting the recommendations of the general membership.

·                     Actively solicit sponsorships and donations for the exclusive use of the Club.

·                     Seek the best value for all services and merchandise purchased with club funds.

·                     Acting on behalf of the general membership in making decisions of an emergency or time-sensitive nature.

·                     Assist the President and Vice President in Club matters.

 Tournament Chairman - The Tournament Chairman is an elected official.  Duties include:

·                     In conjunction with all other club Officers, establishes tournament dates, locations, start and weigh-in times, and fish species/counts for all tournament events.

·                     Provides timely information updates of tournament issues (date, site location, etc.) to the Officers, Board of Directors, and general membership.

·                     Actively solicits donations and/or prizes from sponsors for club events.

·                     Maintains the official record of tournament standings.

·                     Assigns Officers and other appointees to assist at tournament events on a rotating basis.

·                     Assists the President in club matters.

·                     Maintains club records of fish caught by members in club tournaments. 

 Membership Chairman - The Membership Chairman is an elected official.  Duties include:

·                     Provides membership applications to all prospective members.  Receives and screens applications and makes recommendations to the general membership concerning acceptance of new members.  

·                     Ensures club compliance with membership acceptance criteria.

·                     Maintains the official membership roster.

·                     Assists the Tournament Chairman and President in club matters.

·                     Actively solicits donations and/or prizes from sponsors for club events.

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    Section 1.  The following committees shall be established as desired and directed by the President:

Nomination Committee

Annual Banquet Committee

Bylaw Review Committee

Tournaments Committee

Family Picnic Committee

Sponsorship Committee

    Section 2.  The President shall provide for the number of members assigned to a committee as well as their charter and responsibilities.  The President shall assign a chairperson to coordinate the activities of the committee and to report to the President and Board of Directors.

Parliamentary Authority

    The rules contained in the current edition of Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the Club in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order the Club may adopt.  Back To Top


    Section 1.  Regular (General) Meetings.  The regular meetings of the Club shall be held on the last Monday of each month from September to August inclusive unless otherwise ordered by the Club.  The President (with agreement of the Board of Directors) has the authority to change the date of meetings as well as the location of said meetings.  Members attending the monthly general meetings will be awarded points as provided for in Article IX.

    Section 2.  Board Meetings.  The Board of Directors will hold meetings as necessary and as required for the efficient operation of the Club.  The President and/or Board of Directors will schedule meetings on an as needed basis.  The President will direct attendance by other Officers and elected officials.  Additionally, attendance at these meetings is open to all members in good standing.  However, in the event any member wishes to address the Board, the following procedures must be followed:

A written request must be submitted to the President/Chairman or any Board member at least two (2) weeks in advance of said meeting.  Any Board member receiving such request shall promptly notify the President/Chairman and all other Board members.  The request shall include the name of the person(s) desiring to address the board, a synopsis of the topic to be presented, and the amount of time requested to address the Board.  The Board shall reserve the right to set a reasonable time limit for speaker(s) to address the Board, according to the meeting agenda.  Back To Top


    Section 1a.  Tournament Eligibility.  Only members in good standing and guests of anglers in goods standing shall be eligible to participate in club tournaments.

    Section 1.  Tournament Dates and Times.  Tournaments shall be held on either Saturdays or Sundays, or both days for the competition and fellowship of its members.  Start and stop times will be announced at the Club meeting preceding the tournament.  Members not attending this meeting are solely responsible for learning the start/stop times.

    Section 2.  Tournament Locations and Species Format.  Tournament locations and species format for all tournaments during the year will be decided upon and announced to the general membership for a vote during August of each year.  The President will assign a committee of members to propose the following year’s tournament schedule and format.  The proposed schedule and format shall require a majority vote of the members attending the July general meeting.

    Section 3.  Changes to Tournament Locations and Dates.  The President and Board of Directors can change tournament locations and/or dates if in the best interest of the Club.  Such changes will require a majority vote of approval of the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors will allow a minimum of 3 weeks between a scheduled tournament that was cancelled and its make-up date.

    Section 4.  Awarding of Points.  Only teams in good standing will be awarded points.  Meeting Attendance Points.  All teams attending the monthly general meetings will be awarded one (1) point per person per meeting attended with a maximum of 2 points per team.. Tournament Participation Points.  Teams participating in Club tournaments shall earn one (1) point per tournament.

Live release of fish - All live fish presented for tournament entry at the weigh in must be immediately released or the team will forfeit all points for that fish (no exceptions).  Teams releasing live fish will receive two (2) points per legal, tournament fish that is weighed in.  However, if the fish presented is dead, it may be weighed for points and the angler may keep it, but he will be assessed a 1-pound penalty for that fish. A fish will be counted as alive if it has gill movement at the measuring table and no weight penalty will be assessed. If the fish does not swim off when released, then the team will not receive release points.

Multiple Fish Formats - Teams weighing in a fish of each of the targeted species will receive points toward tournament standings ahead of other anglers who did not weigh in each of the targeted species. ( Three beats Two and Two beats One) In the event that not all thirty places are used, points will then be awarded based upon the weights of remaining teams’s catches.  The aggregate weights in each category (those who did weigh in one of each targeted species or those who did not) will be used to determine the finish standings within their respective categories.

Tournament standing - Teams shall receive points based upon their finishes in each club tournament as shown below.  Teams that tie will each be awarded equal points.

1st place    =  75 points   11th place= 65 pts             21st= 55pts

2nd place  = 74 points    12th place= 64 pts             22nd=54pts

3rd place   = 73 points    13th place = 63 pts             23rd=53pts

4th place   = 72 points    14th place = 62 pts             24th=52pts

5th place   = 71 points    15th place = 61 pts             25th=51pts

6th place   = 70 points    16th place = 60 pts             26th=50pts

7th place   = 69 points    17th place = 59 pts             27th=49pts

8th place   = 68 points    18th place = 58 pts             28th=48pts

9th place   = 67 points    19th place = 57 pts             29th=47pts

10th place  = 66 points    20th place  =56 pts            30th=46pt         and so on down to 75th place is 1 pt


     Section 5.  Grand Slam Tournament.  The Club will, at its option, hold Grand Slam tournaments each year.  The Grand Slam will consist of a legal Redfish, Seatrout, and Flounder.  Grand Slam points will be awarded to the top (75) places.  Teams weighing in all 3 fish will have 5 bonus points added to their aggregate weight points.  In the event that not all (75) places are used for Grand Slams, points will then be awarded to the remaining places, starting with two- (2) fish aggregates, and then going to a one-fish aggregate.  Two-fish aggregates must consist of a fish from two of the three-targeted species.  A one-fish aggregate will be any one fish of the three-targeted species.  

     Section 6..  Tournament Rules.

·                     Required use of a Coast Guard approved life jacket by all persons on board whenever the boat is running under outboard power.

·                     Launch of boats in flights separated by a short delay of no more than 2 minutes.  Flights will be determined by team numbers-odd or even.  Flights will rotate between even and odd team numbers from month to month.

One rod per angler may be used at a time.

·                     Only artificial lures and or products may be used.  Products, such as scents or sprays are defined as (factory produced and sold to the public) and will be permitted.

·                     No chumming with natural bait, live or dead, or the use of an oil chum line.

·                     Tournaments may be cancelled or postponed due to inclement weather or other pertinent factors as determined by a majority vote of members present at start time of the tournament.

·                     Established tournament start time cannot be delayed over one hour for any reason.  Any tournament not started within one hour of the established time must be rescheduled, preferably for the following weekend.

·                     Fishing is not allowed prior to the official start time of the tournament.

·                     All participants must check in with the Tournament Chairman prior to the start of the tournament.  Additionally, all participating boats must check in prior to the end of the tournament or otherwise ensure the Tournament Chairman is informed that you will not be coming to the weigh in. 

·                     A start boat will be on hand to start each tournament. The start boat will signal the start of each tournament. All boats will be required to remain within the start boundaries as specified by the Tournament Chairman.  The Tournament Chairman may disqualify boats that do not remain within the prescribed pre-start boundary.

·                     All participants must be back to the tournament start location by 3:00 p.m. or at a time previously stated by the Tournament Chairman or the team will be disqualified for that tournament and lose all prior-earned points during that month.  The official time will be that of the official start boat.

·                     Weigh-in of fish will not begin before the official end of the tournament.

·                     All participants will assist other members in getting participants’ boats out of the water as soon a possible due to limited dock space.

·                     Each tournament will have a designated weigh master, measurer, and official inspector.  These individuals will weigh in first.

·                     The weigh-in procedure will be conducted in the following order.  Fish passing all three (3) of these stations will be considered as official and will be recorded by the Tournament Chairman.

1.                  Measured and a determination made of alive/dead status. Redfish must have a maximum length 27 inches with a pinched tail. Redfish must have a minimum length of  18" with a pinched tail. Trout must have a minimum length of 15" with a pinched tail. Flounder must have a minimum length of 12" with a pinched tail.

2.                  Weighed

3.                  Released by the participant and witnessed by another member.  All fish must swim away to count as a live fish.  The Tournament Chairman may direct that any dead fish presented for weigh in, be gutted by the angler for an internal inspection.

·                     Dead fish that are presented for weigh in will be assessed a 1- pound penalty.

·                     Any fish that is mutilated or has evidence of altered length or weight shall not be weighed in.

·                     Illegal fish (under or over legal size limit) will result in the angler being disqualified for that tournament and losing all prior-earned points during that month.

·                     Any participant disqualified from a tournament by the Tournament Chairman for any reason will forfeit all points earned that month.

·                     Legal fishing waters constitute all inland waters.  This includes the eastern boundary of all inland waters, which is formed by an imaginary line drawn from the tip of the north jetty (or tip of the northern shoreline where no jetty exits) and the tip of the southern jetty (or tip of the southern shoreline where no jetty exists). When the Club hosts a traveling tournament outside of the Jacksonville area, the boundaries will be set by the Tournament Director prior to the tournaments start. Any participant fishing outside of this line shall be disqualified.

·                     All anglers must fish from a boat unless permission to leave the boat is granted on a previous date by the tournament directorFish presented for weigh in must be caught legally, by rod and reel and by the fisherman weighing them in.  Fish cannot be caught by cast net, bait net, gill net, seine, trap, or in any other manner.

·                     From the time that a fish takes the artificial lure, the angler must hook and fight the fish alone and without the aid of another person.

·                     The intent of this rule is that the angler is the person who shall hook and fight the fish.  Another person may assist in landing the fish once the leader is brought within grasp.  This assisting person may grasp the leader and/or use a landing net for landing the fish.

·                     The Tournament Chairman will make all decisions regarding the legality of a fish.  In the event that it is his own fish, another Officer will decide legality of the fish.

·                     All bladder tanks and any other type of auxiliary gas tanks that are not installed by the boat manufacturer are prohibited. Fuel may be carried only in factory installed (built in) fuel tanks. If a team does not have a factory installed fuel tank, the Board of Directors shall determine its eligibility on a case by case basis. NO re-fueling will be permitted in any club tournament.

·                     2 trout over the 20” upper slot limit will be allowed in multiple trout formats as long as there are two anglers on the boat.

·                     No boat may overtake (pass) another boat in a no wake zone.

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Team of the Year

    Section 1.  Eligibility.  All teams in good standing shall be participants in the Team of the Year point’s competition.  The teams accumulating the most points during the competition year (September 1 - August 31) will be declared as the Team of the Year and will be entitled to the prizes and awards as decided by the Board of Directors.  Cash prizes for the Team of the Year will be funded from the treasury, and will be determined by a two-thirds vote of the President and Board of Directors.

    Section 2. Each team will designate one person on the team to be “captain”. In the case of the absence of the captain for whatever reason (sickness, work, etc.) the remaining crew member can fish the tournament as “co-captain” with an alternate crew member. Team captain can have only one designated crew person per month for tournament points and meeting points purposes. All points will go to the team not the alternate crew member.

    Children of the captain or co-captain as defined under article III section 2 will be allowed to fish with the team and receive points for junior angler  or teen angler..

    Section 3.  Female Anglers, Teen Anglers and Junior Anglers of the Year.  All female members (18 years of age and older) in good standing shall be participants in the Female Angler of the Year competition.  All anglers (male and female) in good standing, that have not attained the age of 13, shall be participants in the Junior Angler of the Year competition .All anglers (male and female) in good standing, that are 13 to 17 years of age shall be participants in the Teen Angler of the Year competition.  Points for each shall be accumulated in the same manner as for the Club’s Team of the Year. 

Year End Awards

    Section 1.  Point Standings.  After the last tournament of the year, accumulated points will be used to determine team standings for the year.  All teams will get their lowest monthly points total dropped from the Team of the Year standings. The Team of the Year (Club, Female, Teen and Junior) will be awarded to those anglers, within their respective categories, that have accumulated the highest number of points during the tournament year.

    Section 2.  Prizes.  The top ten teams, as determined by accumulated points, will receive a plaque and cash award.  Places eleven to twenty will receive a cash award.

    Section 3.  Female Angler, Teen angler, and Junior Angler of the Year.  The Female,Teen and Junior Angler of the Year will each be awarded a plaque or trophy.

    Section 4.  Cash Prizes.  The President and Board of Directors will determine the amount of cash prizes awarded to anglers finishing in positions 1-20.  Back to Top


    Section 1.  Eligibility.  All members are eligible to bring a guest to Club functions.

    Section 2.  Responsibility for Guests.  Members are entirely responsible for the conduct and safety of their guests.  Guests must abide by the policies, rules, and regulations set forth by these bylaws.

    Section 3.  Tournaments.  Guests must fish with the sponsoring member.  Guests are eligible for winning prizes at the event he or she participates in only. Each guest may fish a maximum of two (2) club tournaments per year.  Back to Top


    Section 1.  Acceptance of Sponsors.  The Club will generally accept sponsors.  Sponsors must meet and maintain the criteria as set forth by the Board of Directors.

    Section 2.  Sponsor Benefits.  The Club will provide newsletter-advertising space in exchange for the sponsorship.  The Board of Directors will determine the size and extent of the advertising provided. The Club will also provide field-testing of their product, and respond back with input on performance of the product.

    Section 3.  Approval of Sponsorships.  The President and Board of Directors’ approval shall be required for all sponsorships. Back To Top


    Section 1.  Disbursement of Funds.  Club funds will be deposited into and remain in an accredited financial institution (bank).  Disbursement of funds will, to the maximum extent possible, be made by check.  Club checks shall require two signatures.  The signatures shall include any combination of the Treasurer, President, or Vice-President, so long as there are two signatures for each check.

    Section 2.  Repayment of Membership Dues and Other Funds to Members.  The Club (Florida Lure Anglers, Inc.) will not be required to divide any portion of the Club Treasury (to include funds, assets, or property) with any person or persons leaving the Club individually or as a group.

    Section 3.  Disposition of Treasury and Property upon Dissolution of the Club.  In the event that the Club is dissolved for any reason, any funds remaining in the Treasury after all outstanding bills are paid, will be donated to a charity or organization as determined by a majority vote by the Club membership.  Similarly, any other Club assets will be sold and/or auctioned off and the funds handled in a like manner.  Back To Top

Membership Termination

    Section 1.  Member Status.  The Club Officers and/or Directors shall review member status on a routine basis to determine member participation in club events, volunteer activities, and payment of dues.

    Section 2.  Reasons for Termination.  Memberships may be terminated for the following reasons:

·                     Violation of Club bylaws, policies, or procedures.

·                     Un-sportsmanlike conduct, that which could reflect negatively on the Club or its membership.

·                     Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages or the illegal/improper use of controlled substances (drugs, narcotics, etc.) at or during an official club event.

·                     Excessive use of foul language and inappropriate or offensive conduct.

·                     Cheating, dishonesty, or deceitful conduct in any club event.

·                     Failure to abide by all local, state, or federal regulations and/or laws governing saltwater angling and boating in the State of Florida.

·                     Use of the Club name, logo, or other property in any way to promote one's self, their services, or products, or to cause benefit or personal gain (including family members), without the express written permission of the President and Board of Directors.

·                     Any demonstrated attitude, behavior, contempt or actions (recurrent basis) that could reasonably be construed as being negative towards the Club, its Officers, or general membership.

·                     Committing any act or involvement in any activity that could bring discredit to the Club.

     Section 3.  Members may be terminated by a majority vote of the general membership at a general meeting for any violation of items 1-10 above.  This vote must be prefaced by a written motion and delivered to the President or Board member prior to the scheduled date of the next general meeting.  The request must be signed and sufficient in detail to explain the cause for such request.   Back To Top

Amendment of Bylaws

    These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Club by a majority vote.  Proposed amendments must be submitted in writing to the Board and receive the endorsement of the Board to be presented to the general membership.  Votes on amendments will be conducted only after the general membership has received at lease 30 days of prior notice of the impending vote.



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